The Art of the Face

Art is everywhere we look and the objects we use every day are thoughtfully designed. I always wanted to be an artist. Throughout my childhood I was passionate about ceramics and later went on went to art school. After graduating I became a shoe designer and eventually launched my passion, Lucky Chick. I first drew the Lucky Chick character and then created a line of bath products to go with her.

Lucky Chick is re-launching as a color cosmetics line. Art is once again at the pinnacle and is inspiring all of our new creations. My Mother is an artist and it has become obvious to me that her art should inspire my new cosmetics line. Her art is full of light, emotion and hope.

Make-up gives us the opportunity every day to present ourselves to the world in a different way. I know her art can inspire women by sharing its beauty on their every day objects. The colors of our cosmetics are taken directly from her art and placed into the hands of other women.

You are now the artist.

Stephanie xx

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