Hello world – Lucky Chick is Back!

Lucky Chick. She’s Back!

The saying “Timing is everything” is a phrase that truly sums up the re-launch of Lucky Chick.

Never before has there been such a need for powerful female role models to illuminate the most pressing issues. They range from CEO’s, artists, activists, peacemakers and every day people wanting to make a difference.

We have always derived great satisfaction from helping woman achieve a greater feeling of self worth by building confidence in the most basic ways. When we ask ourselves where we can make a difference the answer is always the same. It is, “One person at a time”. We too, like most people, have struggled with feelings of self worth and a lack of confidence. In our case these thoughts have propelled us forward to achieve the things that intimated us the most. When we created Lucky Chick we were challenged by finding our voice in the world and perplexed by the pressing question of how we would support ourselves. Lucky Chick was an artist who felt she wasn’t talented or worldly enough to compete in the New York City art world. That’s when Stephanie drew the Lucky Chick character as an alter ego who would possess all that she lacked.

We are so excited to see where Lucky Chick goes in this new world. We are re-launching with the confidence and knowledge she gained that will influence our decisions now. We look forward to meeting a whole new group of women and connecting with people who are passionate about color and art. We want to hear from you and what is important to you.

Lucky Chick is my small way of making a difference. We are creating a new cosmetic line based on a brave, confident, vulnerable and hopeful character we hope to inspire your inner Lucky Chick. She is there waiting to emerge.

Stephanie xx

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