A brand developed and inspired by a relatable persona. The persona is a reflection of her best self. We target the woman who loves beautiful things that inspire her.


Lucky Chick was a bath and body company distributed through specialty retailers, salons, spas and online retailers. The brand is re-launching as a color cosmetics line, which will be distributed through select cosmetic specialty stores and through an online campaign.

Who she is

Luck Chick represents strength, confidence and a sense of self. Whatever makes a woman feel good on a given day is what makes her a Lucky Chick. It reflects her inner thoughts and how she presents herself to the world.

Her voice is unmistakably upbeat. Whenever she finds herself in a difficult she asks herself how her Lucky Chick would react. In that moment she is informed on how to be her best self.


Celebrating Inspiration

Sometimes inspiration just strikes and there is reason to celebrate.  Wolffer Estates in East Hampton is celebrating with Summer in a Bottle.  A rose bottled in a spectacular floral bottle that is welcoming summer and all of what that means. Mom and I had so much fun! Stephanie xx